Relatively few resources are available to support students who intend to pursue a career in private non-profit or public service organizations. The Sigler Foundation will provide funds in the form of grants/loans for students who choose to prepare themselves for careers in these areas. Funds may be allocated to cover up to 100% of the direct costs of the applicant’s education for up to four years for an undergraduate degree and up to three years for a graduate degree. The loans will be forgiven for service in public or non-profit organizations at the rate of one year of financial support forgiven for each year of service. Years of debt will be discharged in the order in which they were awarded. Terms for the repayment of grants that are not satisfied by service will be similar to the terms in use for the repayment of federally insured student loans in use at the time the grant is made. Funds will be awarded based on the anticipated value of the graduate’s service in his or her chosen career. Determination of value is a subjective process. Decisions as to the potential value of the contributions of an applicant and the level of funding to be allocated to successful applicants will be made by Foundation staff. Funds will be awarded at the discretion of the Foundation.

Application Process

Student grants will not be awarded on a regular basis. Grants will only be awarded in those years in which a truly exceptional application is received. The exceptional applicant will have an impressive academic record, a record of service to his or her community, demonstrated leadership, and a commitment to a career in community service. International students who choose to study in the United States are welcome to apply. Initial grants will be for one year with funding for successive years dependent on successful progress toward degree completion. Sigler Foundation Scholars will be expected to maintain academic excellence. Applicants for support will prepare a proposal including:

  1. An academic transcript
  2. A resume
  3. A description of the career that the applicant plans to pursue.
  4. An explanation of the reasons why the applicant is the type of person the Sigler Foundation seeks to support.
  5. A description of the academic program that the student intends to pursue
  6. An explanation of the manner in which the academic program selected will prepare the applicant for his or her career.
  7. Three supporting letters form teachers addressing the applicant’s academic potential
  8. Three supporting letters from community representatives addressing the applicant’s commitment to community service.
  9. A budget.

While it is anticipated that support will continue as the student pursues his or her academic career, applications for continuing support will be required each year and will include:

  • A current academic transcript
  • An explanation of any changes in the applicant’s academic plan
  • An explanation of any changes in the applicant’s career plan
  • A budget.

A denial of continuing funding is a serious matter. Such a decision will only be made after discussion of issues with the student and spokespersons whom the student may present to Foundation staff.

Successful applicants who seek to discharge their debt though years of service will submit a proposal describing their proposed activities. Once approved, the applicant will file an annual report documenting continuing qualified employment.